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Mary Brown

Mary Brown Art

Mary is an artist and archaeologist in New Mexico.

Mary believes beautiful art has the power to direct the soul upward, to the Divine. As a Catholic, she views beauty, a transcendental, as a way to inspire meaningful interior appreciation of God’s goodness. Art then provides a place where our Creator can reveal that goodness in a way that draws us closer to Him through contemplation, curiosity, and awe. Visual art showcases our uniquely human gift for conceptualizing mystery and matter that transcend the known world. Mary uses art to celebrate all the colliding interactions that yield a rich, vibrant tapestry of variation and purpose. She sees creativity as a gift whereby we share ourselves with each other and with God to explore and reimagine our connections, past, present, and future.

Mary has worked as a professional artist for over 20 years. Her work is on display in public institutions and businesses, and in private collections. Mary’s goal is to honor a thorough, emotive, and informed exploration of the human condition that glorifies God. She approaches each artwork as a narrative that should prompt joy, and sincere reflection and contemplation.

Mary is also a Registered Professional Archaeologist with a Master’s in Anthropology. She combines art with archaeology to produce archaeological illustrations. The illustrations bridge the gap between human and artifact by visually interpreting the context of archaeological discovery in a way that is meaningful, personal, and relatable. She believes pairing art and archaeology in this way provides a powerful tool for public education, and for communicating the beauty and timeless connection of all creation. Visually representing past lifeways prompts greater respect for the archaeological record, displaying evidence not just as data, but as part of a collective human experience, something that is far more similar, than it is different.

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