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Jessica Coe

Jessica and The Living Heart Co.

Jess is a trained opera singer with two degrees in music performance.  Coming from a family of artists, she also creates sacred art. After many brush to canvas paintings, she was gifted an iPad and Apple pencil and fell in love with the digital art process.

After feeling a calling in 2019 to make more meaningful art, Jess turned her heart and mind toward the sacred. She considers her Catholic faith as the most important part of her, and as an educator she wants to share the love of this rich faith with the world. She prays that her art does just that. Each image is created with prayer and a desire to draw the mind and heart into deeper devotion/meditation, or to serve as reminders of the infinite from which all things came and will ultimately return.

The name “The Living Heart Co” comes from Jess’ deep love for the True Presence of Christ in the Eucharist and the numerous reports of Eucharistic miracles that have been examined by scientists worldwide: each sample that’s been tested reportedly comes from the left ventricle of a heart that has experienced severe trauma – from a Middle Eastern man with type AB blood. Even more than that, one scientist was baffled by what he saw as he determined the sample was actually from LIVING heart tissue! She is so grateful for each person that joins her on this journey of beauty and faith!


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